Try Robotium Recorder for free! You will not be asked to register or submit payment info. Just install Robotium Recorder by following the below steps and try it out risk-free!

For Android Studio click here


  • Install the Java JDK.
  • Install the Android SDK. The ADT bundle with Eclipse is recommended: Windows 32Windows 64, Mac OS X, LinuxOr update the Android SDK tools if Eclipse is already installed. From the Eclipse toolbar go to: Window > Android SDK Manager. Check Android SDK tools and click update.

Install Robotium Recorder for Eclipse

Start Eclipse and go to: Help > Install New Software. Enter "http://recorder.robotium.com/updates" in the "Work with" field. Press Enter and wait for Robotium to get visible. Check Robotium Recorder and uncheck "Contact all update sites during install" before clicking "Next".

From the Install Details screen click "Next".

Accept the license and click "Finish". The installation process will continue.

Click "OK" in the Security Warning dialog.

Click "Yes" to restart Eclipse with Robotium Recorder installed.

Start Robotium Recorder

Robotium Recorder can be started from: Eclipse > File > New > Other. From "New" window select "New Robotium Test" and click "Next".

Robotium Recorder can also be started by right clicking an existing app or test project and from the opened menu select: Robotium Recorder > New Robotium Test.

Robotium Recorder starts.