Free Trial

Install Robotium Recorder to activate your free trial! The free trial includes unlimited recording and up to 5 saved test cases. Make sure to follow the below steps to get you started. 


  • Install Robotium Recorder, if not already installed. 
  • Connect a physical device (recommended) or start an emulator. Robotium Recorder requires that the device or emulator has external storage. After connecting the device to the computer, make sure to enable USB debugging

Start Robotium Recorder

Start Robotium Recorder by selecting: Eclipse > New > Other > Android - Robotium Recorder and click "Next".

Select an APK by clicking "select apk" or select a workspace project in the workspace table as shown below. When an APK or workspace project is selected, Robotium Recorder will suggest a name for the test project. Change the suggested name by clicking test project field and write a new name.

Click "Next".

The recording screen is shown. 

Click "New Robotium Test" to execute the app on the attached device or emulator. The recording of user actions starts.

ClickToAssert™ will allow you to verify that a view, label, image or other UI elements are displayed by simply clicking on them.

The recorded steps are shown in the test step table (as seen below).

To stop recording click "Stop Recording". To save the test case click "Save", enter a test case name, and click "Ok".

A test project with the recorded test case will be created. To execute the test case, either right click the specific test case or the whole test project and select Run As > Android JUnit Test.