About Us
Robotium is the leading test automation framework for Android development. Robotium was developed in 2010 by Renas Reda, an international authority within test automation.

Robotium builds on many years of dedicated development and is supported by a highly active developer community. The Robotium framework is used by developers all over the world, including many blue-chip enterprises as well as thousands of boutique app studios. 

Robotium is a solid technical foundation for any Android QA organization. Still, the accelerating OS- and hardware fragmentation creates significant challenges, both from a quality and cost perspective. Robotium Tech was launched by the Robotium founders to address these issues, enabling Robotium users to further utilize the tremendous power of Robotium. 

Robotium Recorder™ is the first commercial offering by Robotium Tech, providing Robotium users with an incredibly powerful productivity tool. Robotium Recorder™ enables Android developers and testers to create true Robotium-grade test cases within minutes, including the unique Click to Assert™ feature. This eliminates the need for tedious and error-prone scripting, and ensures that the Robotium framework is utilized in the most efficient way. The Robotium Recorder™ is guaranteed to always be in sync with the latest Robotium framework version. 

We hope you like our powerful and easy-to-use Recorder, and look forward to your feedback!

The Robotium team.